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Introducing the ultimate birthday companion for your iPhone. BDT (Birth Days Today) Never miss a friend or family member's special day again! With this app, you can easily view all the birthdays stored in your Contacts app sorted by birthdate. The app highlights the next upcoming birthday making it easier for you to plan ahead. It also deep links to your contacts app. Plus, it even displays people's age and zodiac sign, making it a fun and interactive way to stay organized. Download Birthdays today and make sure you never forget a birthday ever again!
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Who's birthday is next?
Who can remember everyone's birthday? Ain't nobody got time for that. Upon opening the app the next birthday is brought to the top of the list.
How old will they be?
Math. pfft. Who wants to do that? With our app you can quickly see their age without needing to do complicated number crunching.
What sign are they?
Knowing your contacts zodiac signs is very beneficial, with this knowledge you will better understand how to relate to them.
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Are you trying to find birthdays in the Contacts App?
The birthdays field is great, until you want to know whose birthday is coming up next.
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Are your birthdays buried among all the events in your calendar?
Apple lets you easily see your birthdays in the calendar app but they can easily get lost among all your other appointments.
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With Birthdays you can find your birthdays at a glance!
Of course you can still use those other old school methods, but why?